How To Revive The Hollywood Western: My Humble Plan

Posting this because I think its an excellent post discussing the latent interest in the Western that has slowly been bubbling up in our modern culture (Unforgiven, Hell On Wheels) these last couple of decades. Lone Ranger would have been such a glorious return to the old style Western if certain ridiculous elements had not been employed by Johnny Depp and the director had been more conscious of a true West spirit in his film.


The Western has been coming back since Unforgiven was made. That was two decades ago (plus change.) We get a big-budget Hollywood western every couple of years, with varying results. They seem to do better when done seriously, by which I mean leaving aliens and guys wearing birds on their head out of the equation. The Western could be big again, and here’s how I think it could be done.

Make 90 minute long PG or PG-13 movies aimed at kids. It would have lots of action; horseback chases, prairie fires, fist fights and as much idle, poorly aimed gunfire as the ratings board will allow. Throw in some big, colorful characters and one huge set piece at the end. If done right, with just the right amount of tongue in cheek and adults will watch as raptly as kids.

I think this is a good plan for a couple…

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