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I can’t tell you exactly when I became a fan of Zane Grey. It might have been the television show that starred Ed Harris, “Riders of the Purple Sage;” it might have been a mention by someone who saw that I liked reading Louis L’amour. In any case, Grey’s novels have become a highly prized collection item for me, and it wasn’t too long ago that I hit the jackpot in a local antique/old book store. Turns out that in spite of the information age, and in spite of the fact that everything else has been reproduced and sold on the internet, Zane Grey’s books have managed to escape the frenzy. He wrote lots more than “Riders.” He was prolific in the stories that documented and illustrated a dying breed and disappearing age that was already getting shunted into history by the 1920s. If you wanted a glimpse into the ‘real’ world of cowboys, you couldn’t do wrong by picking up one of Grey’s books.

One of those books was “Knights of the Range,” and if you check the updates in the page listing our male characters, you will find a new entry for Renn Frayne. But that’s not what this post is about. I’d like to share with you a website that I have had the fortune to find: Zane Grey’s West Society. If you share the passion for this author’s storytelling, you couldn’t do wrong by joining them. They are also on Facebook.

“The purpose of Zane Grey’s West Society is to promote interest in and knowledge of the eminent American author, Zane Grey and his works; to revive interest in the writings of Zane Grey and preserve the sites of his writings so that future generations may realize the contributions made by Zane Grey toward the development of the adventure story in American literature.”

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