Pony Express: Telegraph

Not much going on lately, as you can see. Summer is in full swing and life has ramped up in ways that I didn’t even think possible a year ago. Speaking personally, my child is about to enter a new life of college and dorm living, and Hubby and I are in full swing renovating an old farmhouse we had the good fortune to purchase in the spring, along with twenty-three acres that had not seen much work for several decades.  When Im not recovering from sprained thumbs and heat and packing, I’m pushing very rusty gears into moving to write.  Ive entered one short story into a competition and await the news of success or failure in acceptance.

In the meantime, I’ve spent some time on some of neglected parts of this blog, namely to update the character lists (Ladies and Men) and add a bit more info in the Media page. I hope to announce a new chapter within the next few days.

If youve dropped by to check us out, we wave our hats and shout “hooow-deee!” and thank you for taking the time. We’re just here to have some fun and indulge our girlish proclivity to play dolls with our favorite characters. Let us know if you like what you’ve found!


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