If you had not noticed, we’ve ‘borrowed’ a few characters from a variety of western movies, television shows, books, and historical events.  If you see a face that looks familiar but you’re not certain from where, below is a list of their ‘sources’; or if you come across a character that you don’t know at all but get curious about their original relevance, that source is listed here as well.

Cort – from Sam Raimi’s “The Quick and the Dead” – played by Russell Crowe

Virgil Earp – from “Tombstone” – played by Samuel Elliot

Morgan Earp – here the connection has been fudged a bit: the avatar chosen is actually Mel Gibson playing “Maverick” but the author decided to use him for Virgil’s brother

George Temple – from “The Fastest Gun Alive” – played by Glenn Ford

Tommy Lillard – from “The Frisco Kid” – played by Harrison Ford

Ricardo Diaz – avatar of Ricardo Montalban, a classic movie star. Now we know why Khan “showed his Spanish.”

Aloysius John Baumberg – a variation on a theme for a character that Ross Martin created in the 60s television series “Wild Wild West.” Unfortunately, no steampunk sensibilities will be present here.

Renn Frayne – a compelling character from one of Zane Grey’s best novels, “Knights of the Range.” Grey was instrumental in providing Hollywood of all those classic cowboy themes and characters we know and love. It is possible that Renn Frayne was the maverick that set the stage for the more ‘anti-hero’ type of Western icons. Avatar for Renn is Jim Davis.


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