The Ladies

screen-capture-1Chloe Grey

Orphaned at 16, Chloe found herself employed as school teacher with an offer for a higher pay in Tucson. Prim and proper, she is used to the ways of a much smaller community.


screen-capture-2Rosalind Harris

Don’t let beauty fool you: there’s brains behind that seductive face. She didn’t get that far in her life without knowing how to use those brains. She is about 28 and pretty and in charge of the saloon girls. She’s had a hard childhood and has become very cynical.


screen-capture-9Laurie Drake

Even though she was born in the area, Laurie’s parents were from Ireland and it shows in her pretty red hair and lilting speech. She learned at her mother’s knee how to be a seamstress and is sought after by the belles of Tucson for her work. She only wishes there were more fingers to help her with the burgeoning demand for the latest fashions.

screen-capture-16Belulah Barnes

runs the cleanest, most hospitable, and most respectable boarding house in town. A shrewd business woman, she is also held with affection by the townspeople as a widow with strong character. She is middle aged and her youngest daughter was born a little before her late husband passed away.


screen-capture-12Peaches Logan

is 25 and one of the saloon girls. She has red hair, green eyes and very pretty.   Her main goal is to either save enough money or marry a rich man and get her own house.



screen-capture-8Viola Kingsley

is the wife of the proprietor of the Grand Hotel…and has no qualms about reminding everyone in Tucson about it. Every day, if she has to. Once an up and coming society belle from back East, she turned her frustrations with the wild west into a crusade. In her view, her husband’s business as hotel owner is just a staging ground to bring civilization to a crude and untamed frontier.

screen-capture-11Lorraine McGintry

She is the widow of Robert McGinty and runs the Rob-Raine Ranch. She is about 36 and very attractive.



screen-capture-10Kitty Harold

An adventuress with a knack for pitting men against each other, Kitty is looking for a way to live life as richly as possible with as little effort as possible.



Matilda “Mattie” McLauren

Originally from New York, Mattie is 26 years old and runs the millinery.




Frieda Larson

An 18 year old saloon girl from NYC.  Her parents died when she was 16 in a fire.  Working at the saloon is her first job.   She wanted to be a dancer, but her parents had no money.



Ann Perkins

Tom’s wife is 28 years old and runs “Dress To Impress” dress shop. They both came out west to start over through her business. They have a home outside town.




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