The Men

screen-capture-3Cortland Wells At the age of 25, he is a deputy marshal in town. When he was a teen, he was an outlaw and hung out with John Herod’s gang.

screen-capture-13Seth Jenkins Owner of the Swinging Door Saloon, he has a soft spot for Rosalind Harris. He takes good care of the saloon and the girls who work there

screen-capture-6Virgil Earp Wyatt’s older and more sanguine brother, outlaws quickly find out he is a blazing hellion if provoked.  Serving as deputy along with Cort and his brother, Morgan, until Wyatt arrives.

screen-capture-7Morgan Earp He’s a deputy marshal with a sense of humor.   He’s handsome and likes women.   He are Cort are good friends.

screen-capture-4George Temple A seemingly mild-mannered mercantile owner, he is a fairly new resident of Tucson. One always gets the sense he’d rather be doing something else.

screen-capture-18 Tommy Lillard Known as the Frisco Kid, he’s not as foolish as he might seem, just a bit unlucky. He meant to just pass through Tucson on business, but somehow, things just haven’t worked out that way.

screen-capture-19Ricardo Diaz A dignified forty year old rancher with an eye towards courting the widow, Lorraine McGintry.

screen-capture-21Lewis Jeffords A farmer with ambitions to sway Peaches’ ambitions towards his own humble domain.




Aloysius John Baumberger

Tucson’s newly arrived intellectual came from New York with his impressive collection of books and equally impressive linguistic abilities in Spanish, French, Polish, and Italian (to name a few.) Books, a way with words, young: is it so surprising that the local ladies respond to him with such fervent interest?


Renn Frayne

A long way from home is Renn, a gunslinger turned rustler turned knight of the range. Fully adept in the western world’s roughest experiences, Renn has left his lady, Holly Ripple, at her ranch in New Mexico to track down the latest threat to her spread, a gang of rustlers whose boss seems to track all the way to Tucson. Renn, with characteristic determination, will haunt that trail until it is resolved.


Thomas  Perkins

Thirty two years old, married to Ann, and is originally from VA. He tried being farmer, rancher, worked in telegraph office, but doesn’t stick to a job long and blames it on others or ‘bad luck’. He loves his wife but doesn’t have motivation to stick to anything.  Currently does odd jobs.



Kenneth Kingsley, Sr.

One of the first ‘notable’ businessmen to establish himself in Tucson, apart from the ranching moguls. He owns the Crystal Palace and appears to be the only one who can manage Viola Kingsley.










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